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Enterprise Vault decommission while maintaining Compliance & Search

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I have an inactive EV 9 cluster spread across two sites with Veritas volume replicator configured. It is configured for Mailbox and Journal archiving - retention = forever. Total size is approx 3.5TB.

There is no legal-hold since none of the items is deleted and also chain of custody is not required.

The MS Exchange 2010 active mailbox are migrated over to Gmail, no legacy archived data was migrated. Business intends to decommission the Exchange and EV environment but the requirement is to hold the archived data for;

  1. Compliance access (information requests, review of data / contracts, etc.)
  2. User access to old emails for searches and look-up

What options do I have to achieve the above and tools available to use?


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Replying here.

There seems to be a contradiction in terminus. First you state 'no legal hold, no CoC needed', then you state 'Compliance acces, and user access to old items'. 

I would get the actual business requirements clear first, make sure to also involve your legal department. The less data you need to get out EV, the better. Main reason is your statement that there needs to be compliance access (by who, to what?), and user access. 

In general, I advise to only migrate user archives for users which are still active. As you have Journal Archives, it makes no sense to put inactive user's data into the cloud. As for the Journal data, try to get a statement on what to keep. Preferably a timeframe.

Migrating the data to gmail might pose a challenge. As far as I am concerned, you have 2 options for the user archives. 1-export archive to PST, import to Gmail. 2-3rd party migrator software. For the journal archive(s?), use 3rd party software. Exporting Journal archives to PST and then importing them in cloud is slow, and painfull.

As for 3rd party software, Transvault can do this, but there might be other companies available. Using 3rd party is going to take away a lot of headaches, as they are specialized in migrating. I've used TV to migrate 45k archives back to exchange, no issues. Obviously, this comes with a cost. 


Regards. Gertjan

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how many users do you have?

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you mainly have 2 options:


1. keep the EV running, Discovery Accelerator for Discovery of Journal &. Web View of archives/search for old users content


2. Migrate data to Gmail, but you would most likely need a migration software that fullfills compliance standards.

And I am not so sure about the compliance fulfillment on Google side. This needs to be checked too.