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Enterprise Vault journal mailbox -total number of enabled user count required

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Dear Team,

below are the environment details.

EV: 12.1


SQL 2012 R2 STD


We want to know the enterprise vault licenses required for our environment. We are still using journal archiving total 12 archives present we used EVLA tool to understand the count but it seems it provides only total archives present on the server. We have SQL query to find the number of active users present on mailbox archiving.


Can someone provide the query to find how many users enabled for journal mailbox archiving.I know this count can be given from exchange admin but still want to know if there is any query availabe to show the total count.




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The EVLA tool does not provide correct information.

A journal license is not searchable in the EV Databases. You need a license for each mailbox you journal. This differs from Mailbox Archiving, for which you only need a license for a usermailbox. Functional/Resource/Group/disabled mailboxes do not need a license. For journaling you need to include all active mailboxes.

You might have 10 users with their own mailbox. You have 1000 group mailboxes. You need 10 Mailbox archiving licenses, and 1010 Journal archiving licenses.

Regards. Gertjan

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the easiest way is to check the exchange databases which you targetet with the journal archiving and count it there.

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Hello @bhaveshnevrekar 

It has been a while.

With regards to knowing how many users are being journaled, you would want to check Exchange to see the Journaling Rules. Also, with regards to how many Journal Mailboxes are being archived? if you're using Journal Archiving, you can check Journal Mailboxes under Exchange, under the Targets section.

If you're using SMTP archiving and there in using SMTP Mailbox archiving, then this would need a different approach.

A little clarity on this topic, will allow us to help you out better, Unless, if you've figured it out already. Smiley Wink

Sheldon Dsouza