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Enterprise Vault mail archiving options

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Hi all

I would like to expouse my business case, looking for any alternative using EV that would meet my company needs. I am not a technical expert, so I will try to explain it in my words.

We are currently looking for an email archive solution, but, we are NOT looking for a "journaling archive" tool that log all the send/received email communications and meet the regulatory ediscovery requirements, No, we are looking for an email archive solution that allow us to periodically (daily) send the emails from the personal archive folders from users to a secondary archive (EV), allow us to classify those emails as records and apply a retention policy according to their classification.

e.g. let's imagine that I am a regular user from R&D department. As part of my duties I review my mailbox every day. Then, I move to my exchange personal archive folder those emails that I consider relevant. Just to clarify, my retention policy in the default mailbox is 60 days, but in the archive folder is 7 years. Some of my emails should have a retention policy of 15 years, but as I mentioned before, I have a corporate defined 7-years retention policy. So it means that, all my relevant emails would be automatically deleted when they complete 7 years in the archive, but I should keep some of them during 15 years.

As you can see, we are avoiding to apply a journaling concept, we are more interested in apply a periodical mailbox archiving task that move the emails stored in the personal archive folders to the EV archive. And off course, a end-user oriented solution that allow users to see their emails in the EV archive directly in the same outlook interface.

what do you think, is this escenario feasible with EV?




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The short answer is yes, possible.

Longer answer. Are you on O365, or on-prem? Plans to go to O365?


It is possible to classify items when they are being archived from mailboxes. What also is possible that you use the EV Policy Manager tool to create additional folders in the user mailboxes. Each folder can have a specific retention. Like "keep this for 7 years", "keep this for 15 years", "keep this for 7 years, but allow delete". Each retention can be defined in EV.

Archiving then needs to be configured to make sure items in there folders are archived properly.

If on O365, you will need to use SMTP archiving, which has some challenges in achieving the above (for instance, retaining folder structure), but should be possible,

As for 'visibility in Outlook', you can use the feature called Virtual Vault. Theat will show the archive in a fashion similar to having an additional PST attached in Outlook. speaking of PST's, you can also import these into the archives (automatically or user-driven), so you get rid of these too.

side-question. If no journal archiving is done, what is the reasoning behind the retention? If a user simply deletes mails, who will know the mails were there?

anyway. I would contact a partner, who can explain further, demo, and possibly run a POC on your location.

Regards. Gertjan

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I will try it with a short answer too:

Option 1: Users manually categorize data within folders that have different retentions

Option 2: Users declare mail with catchwords for example"important 7years" or "financial statements", so the mails will automatically get archived with specific archiving rules (classification)

you can also run Journaling and mailbox archiving together, I would strongly suggest to use Journal archiving or SMTP archiving for compliance reasons, but that seems not to be a requirement.


Hello, thanks for the answer

We are in O365, moving to a dedicate network in vNext service.

regarding the side-question. We are already covered in terms of eDiscovery and other compliance pruposes. We are interested in this approach to cover some internal business needs of email record management.

Really appreciated the contact with your partner, and the possibility to see a demo or a POC using this approach.

Best Regards, Edgar

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Hi Edgar,

Via this site: you can use the Partner Locator to find a partner close to your location.

Regards. Gertjan