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Enterprise Vault "Cannot log on. Incorrect server or mailbox."

Level 4


I'm having a problem with Enterprise Vault when attempting to restore emails via Search Vaults or Archive Explorer back to the Original Location or Restored Folder.  We are currently using EV 2007 SP6 and the problem started around 2-3 weeks ago.  A user goes into their archive explorer, locates an email in a folder, right clicks it and then selects either Copy to "Original Location" or "Restored Items" and gets a prompt showing their exchange server and SMTP address.  The user clicks OK and then gets the message:

"Failed to copy item 'XXXXXX'

Reason :- Cannot log on.  Incorrect server or mailbox.

Click 'OK' to continue or 'Cancel' to stop the operation"

I have raised a call with Symantec and have had some attempts made but they have no fix...

I have ran a client dtrace, server dtrace and uploaded IIS logs to them without success.

This is effecting 4,000 + users and I'm hoping somebody out there may have experienced this and has a resolution.  I'm shutting down all EV servers tonight and restarting them to see if it resolves the issue.  Mailbox access is fine for all users.  Archived emails can be double clicked and accessed absolutely fine.  The GC is up and running.  There are no double byte characters in the email address or server name which would cause this issue and there have been no configuration changes to Enterprise Vault.

Any suggestions??? 


Level 4

We have a technical note available here that may have bearing on this. Please let me know if it helps.