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Enterprise Vault search problem

Hello everyone is riding it. I am coming to you because I have had a huge problem with enterprise vault for over a week.

Title of error:
Your search request failed.
Wait and try again. If the problem persists, contact your Enterprise Vault administrator.


we don't understand the problem. could you help us,

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Re: Enterprise Vault search problem

There is this not so helpful article:

It simply says it is under investigation.  

There is also this older post where it was solved:

The solution there was: 

In IIS Manager on the EV server, expand the Default Web Site and select the Search virtual directory that is listed under the EnterpriseVault virtual directory.  In the right-hand pane open the Application Settings for the Search virtual directory and change the UseRestrictedSecurity option to 0.

For more details, have a look on this article:

Can you share what version of EV you are running?

Re: Enterprise Vault search problem

Thanks for your return. after checking, I realize that we already have the UseRestrictedSecurity option parameter at 0