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Enterprise Vault upgrade from 10.0.4 to 11.0.1

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I don't have a lot experience with EV, but I have to update our current environment. This is planned in the following weeks.

I am at the planning phase, and I'm going through the documentation.

My question is at this stage, should we upgrade the Outlook client before or after I upgrade the EV to v11? What would you recommend?

Is it the same with the OWA Extension (Exchange 2010)?

Pardon me, but I might come back with more questions. I would highly appeciate your help.


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Hello Davey,

Ask away :)

I would first upgrade EV to 11 (make sure to use 11SP1, also known as 11.0.1) and if possible, plan to apply the latest Cumulative Hot Fix (CHF) to the upgraded environment. (CHF5 is latest). First upgrade to 11.0.1, verifu that is correct running, then apply CHF5. do not immediately apply CHF 5 after upgrade 10 11.0.1 as you need to run the databaseupgrader.exe first for 11.0.1. It is all documented.

When the upgrade is ok, and EV is up and running, then upgrade Outlook. Make sure to use Outlook 32 bit version!

The OWA extentions can be done after EV is upgraded. If EV runs fine, then you can safely upgrade the OWA extentions. If EV upgrade fails, you won't need to also revert the OWA.

also keep in mind that if you have Discovery Accelerator, you need to upgrade that one first!

Make sure to have a proper backup of ALL SQL database before you start the upgrade! Follow the steps in the upgrade documentation and you should be good.

Greetz, GJ

Regards. Gertjan

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Thank you for yor answer. I hope I will do everything in order. 

One other question. What about the Outlook add-in for the users? Should I update that before or after the EV upgrade?

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do you have any answer on my last question?

Thanks in advance.


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As long as you do not upgrade to Excahnge 2013 and OWA 2013 or above you can keep the extension.

And yes first upgrade EV then clients. The EV server is compatible with lower Addin versions, but Addin for EV11 will probably not work if you have EV10 active and running.

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We are currently in the same scenario... on version 10.0.4, planning on upgrading from 10.0.4 to 11.0.1.  We've used the 11 client for various users with newer office versions (that don't have clients for 10) for a couple years now.  In my experience, the vault 11 Outlook plugin works with vault 10 server with no issues that we can see.  Our desktop group has rolled out the vault 11 client company-wide in anticipation of upgrading the vault server from 10 to 11, and I haven't heard any hollering yet about not being able to get to archived e-mail (and believe me, our users would be hollering).

I'm not sure what the official support word is on using the 11 client with a 10 server, but it seems to work fine in my experience. 

We don't use vault with OWA so I can't answer to that. 

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Addins are designed with +1 and - 1 compatibility. e.g. EV 10 addin should support EV9, EV 10 and EV 11