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Enterprise Vault v12.3 upgrade - target server deployment question

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I have 3 EV for Exchange servers running v11.01.CHF5 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and I am migrating them to 3 EV for Exchange servers v12.3 on Windows 2016.

I have  installed all the pre-reqs on one of the new servers and am about to install EV v12.3 in prepartion for using the Server Settings migration tool. Which Server installation option do I choose?

1. Installation on first server in new site

2. Installatiom on an additional server

3. Upgrade an exisiting server

The site will remain the same in the new world.



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I'm not sure you can move & upgrade at the same time.
See these guides for how to do it:

How to move Enterprise Vault to a new server
  • Article ID:100023864

Enterprise Vault 12.3 Server Settings Migration wizard

  • Article ID:100038733

You will not need to run the Configuration Program, you will restore the settings from one of the other servers.

You can certainly try to do it at the same time (new version), I don't know if this is supported though.
My approach would be:

- Install new Servers with Windows 2012 R2 (because of EV11/12 compatibility)
- Move current version of EV to these Servers
- Update EV to 12.3
- Install new Servers with Windows 2016
- Move EV12.3 to the Windows 2016 Servers

If this process is too long and tedious, there are 3rd Party migration tools out there, which can do this in "one go" in a supported way (all data will be exported and imported), you could also change your EV design in the process (e.g. consolidate Servers?)
Disclosure: I'm from one of these migration Vendors.

Compatibility Guide -

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Thanks for the reply. All my reading has indicated this is all possible. The fact that EV12.x is not supported on Windows 2008 R2, implies that there will be many moving to a brand new server and OS in one fell swoop I thought.

I have CNAMES configured for the EV servers as per best practice so that should take care of new server names causing an issue. The article here mentions that EV11.0.1 on any 64-bit OS can be upgraded to EV12.3 on any (post windows 2008 R2) 64-bit OS.




If you're using the Server Settings Migration Wizard, then you should be able to upgrade and migrate at the same time. That's the purpose of the tool, and it does support the 11.0.1 to 12.3 upgrade path, according to its article.

As for the choice of whether to install a new server, additional server, or upgrade, it sounds like you're talking about this page in the installation media launcher:


If so, then it really doesn't matter which you choose. The "Read documentation" links open different sets of instructions appropriate to each task, but the "Install" links for all three run the same setup wizard file from deeper down in the installation media (...\Veritas Enterprise Vault\Server\x64\setup (x64).exe). So click whichever one makes you happy, or even run that setup wizard directly; as long as you get the installation files laid down onto the disk, you'll be ready for the Server Settings Migration Wizard to move your old server settings into the new machine.



That's perfect. It's nice to have some re-assurance on my reading of the docs. I've gone with "an additional server" for what it's worth. Now I just need to prepare the other target servers and organise downtime.

Thanks Chris.