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Enterprise Vault v7.5 and BE 11d question

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EV -- We have closed filestore_Ptn1 and mbxstore_Ptn1 in order to reduce Full backup times. 

EV -- We opened filestore_Ptn2 and mbxstore_Ptn2 to write all new archive data.

BE -- We de-selected ptn1 from BackupExec's target path so new BE jobs will only backup newly archived data in ptn2. 


However, the size of the backups indicates ptn1 is still included in the backup jobs even though its been de-selected in BackupExec.



What can be done to insure closed partitions are not included in future backup jobs?


This question may be for the BE forum but I thought I'd ask here as well.

Thanks in advance.






Level 6
Defintely a BE question. BE should be totally oblivious to EV partitions and as you say simply removing the path within the backup job should be sufficient. Double-check your EV partition configuration as well as the backup job configuration.

Level 4

Just curious - you say you think the closed partition is backed up based on the size of the backup....Can you confirm this by looking at the selections for a restore job?

You should also see listed with a byte count it in the Set Information in the BE Job Log