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Enterprise vault 9.02 adding new 2010 exchange server (with Dag)

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I've just add my new exchange server into my enterprise vault 9.02.

I did all the required before

1 - Update if need outlook client to 2007 sp3 minimum on ev server => OK

2 - moove the Vault account service with his mailbox 2003 to the new 2010 exchange => OK

3 - create for eatch server witch could have a mouted database, and account with email => OK

3- set the two powershell command for this vault account service => OK for the both. I did it into one of my new server. Seems fine.


In my Enterprise vaul console, I have ADD my two new server exchange with succes.

it automaticly create the Exchange Mailbox archiving task for eatch server, but this step failed and statut is failed when I want to start it with this error message :

The task failed to log on to the Exchange Server.

The task is running as a Windows user that is a member of the 'domain admins' group. Remove the user from this group to ensure that the task has sufficient access to the Exchange Server.

Task: Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for EXCHANGE3

Exchange Server: EXCHANGE3

Windows user: Domain\EVACCOUNT

For more information, see Help and Support Center a


But this account his the same than before, so with full acces I guess. What I miss? Is the power shell command that didnt work? All that is very new for me, and also the troubleshooting.

Thanks for your help.

The older server Exchange (2003) where is my email (and my archive) seems to be working fine while the EVaccount was mooved to the new server exchange 2010 ?






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I think i'm to impatient... I re run again, and this time it's work, maybe the provisionning task have no finish yet ?

Seems my new server archiving ;)

I'm missing one step the new OWA, but it will be for tomorrow now!

Just one question before closing that, for migrating my user is this needed really? what will be if I did not do it ? ""



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I would recommend you to initiate dtrace on AgentClientBroker and Archivetask and try to start the task, if it fails then stop the dtrace and check for the reason of the failure. You will find many common causes for the task failure for e.g

1. Apply the DS Server registry key as per Microsoft KB

Note: ClosestGC registry key will not work in this instance and the comments in regards Microsoft Exchange 2010 within the Microsoft article.

2. System mailbox is not hidden and disabled.


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My comment dont up in this topic, sorry... last try

my issu are now ok, it's was just a question of patience in fact.

I will wait tomorrow if my previous comment will appears, because I have few question.

Thanks for your answer.

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Oh my comment appears now.. ?!

Well in fact I supose that the provisionning task take more time than I guess. So it's work by himself after few retry.

I have a question, did this technote is necessary ? think yes :

TECH48928 (I think my two previous comment with a link is maybe queued...)

"Before migrating users from one Enterprise Vault (EV) managed Exchange server to a new Exchange server, an archiving/retrieval service/task must be created for the new Exchange server and also ensure that the Vault Service Account (VSA) has all the corresponding permissions necessary on the new Exchange server as it did on the old.
It can be useful to make EV automatically assign migrated mailboxes to existing archives.

There is a DWORD registry value, SynchInMigrationMode that controls whether the automatic association takes place. Create SynchInMigrationMode under the following registry key on the Enterprise Vault Server BEFORE starting the mailbox migration to the new Exchange server:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents"

and if yes, what will happend if I forget to do it ? Could I put this on my production server while I have a2003 user ? Because the migration of my user will be in the furtur.


Anyway, tomorrow I will test the new OWA acces, for now I dont see any icon (but will be a new topic)