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Enterprise vault archived data size is decreasing unevenlly

Level 4

Hi All,

Need help, please.

Ever since we've stopped archiving our live user mailboxes the size of the archived data and archived items seems reducing weekly by (-0.009%,-0.003%,-0.015%). Uneven.

Although, we archive levers and unused mailboxes from time to time still this decrease in numbers does not make sense to us.

The data is pulled from Usage.asp page weekly.

Both the archived items and the vault store sizes seem to be reducing. There is no storage expriy running on the server..

Am sure, it's not a common behaviour for EV.

Thanks in advance


Level 3


So the options are storage expiry, archive deletion or end user item deletion.

So you could export the usage.asp data , where it breaks down on an archive by archive basis and do that for a couple of weeks, that'll give a clue as to the nature of the datasize change.

Alternatively I think there is auditing for deletion and you could enable that and review it?


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Which EV Version? What storage device(s) are you using?

Are you 100% sure no Expiry is running? If you check the eventlog, look for event 7085. That is the event which logs expired items. Are you using Collect and Migrate? i.e. creating CAB files, and moving these to secondary storage. or just keeping the CAB files on the same storage? Are you allowing your users deleting items from archive?

Below is a powershell script (which works in EV12, not sure about earlier versions) to get item count for all archives. You can put the output in excel for a few days, then check which archive(s) are 'loosing' items. Put the whole in a .ps1 file an an EV server, open powershell (the normal powershell, not the EV shell), and run the below. I placed mine in folder D:\TEMP\GetArchiveItemCount folder, change to your needs.

$cmapi = New-Object -ComObject EnterpriseVault.ContentManagementAPI
$as = $cmapi.Archives
$as.Computer = "localhost"

$as | Format-Table Name, ItemCount > D:\TEMP\GetArchiveItemCount\archivelist.txt

Regards. Gertjan

Thank  you Mike and Gertjan for your replies. 

We are running EV 12.3.2 and data gets stored on Netapp ONTAP storage.

I didnt find any event 7085 hence no storage expiery running for sure :)

We did have collection enabled in the past, however; we stopped it years ago and now the data gets copied over from primary to secondary storage as it get created.

Yes, users are allowed to delete both shortcuts and their original items.

@GertjanA : Will run the below PS1. script and check the output.


Best Regards,


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Hello again,

Did you get any usefull information in regards to that decreasing in EV?

Regards. Gertjan