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Enterprise vault re-hydrate all messages in date range

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Hi There,

I hope someone on these forums can help me with a problem.

I would like to find away to rehydrate all emails archived in the last 2 years for all users  (so that the original emails appear in their Exchange mailbox). I'm aware that this can be carried out via the advanced search function on a per user basis but would like to know if there is a way to script or batch this to save on time as we have around 700 users?

Current set up is Exchange 2013 with enterprise vault, email older than 90 days is archived to enterprise vault.

Many thanks in advance,



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I have moved your post in unrelated forum to the EV forum. 

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Not direct I'm afraid. If you are on EV12.3 (or later), you probably can use the Export-EVArchive powershell command, which should be able to use the daterange. You then export the archives into PST files, which can then be imported into the mailboxes.

Other than that, you're limited to using the build in functionality (which allows to select a date-range), or 3rd party tooling (like TransVault Migrator)

Regards. Gertjan

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It seems like the Export Wizard ought to be able to do this for you.

  1. In the VAC, right-click Archives and choose Export...
  2. On the first page, select Export archives to their original mailboxes
  3. On the second page, List all archives, then Select All
  4. On the third page, define your date range. Keep in mind that this is the items' Modified Date, which, based on your policy, is going to be 90 days earlier than the Archived Date.


Hope that helps!