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Error 41022 Deleted items waiting to be deleted from indexes

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we are running EV and the health check returns error 41022 "There are 190839 items that have been deleted from Vault Store 'Exchange Store' but have not yet been deleted from the indexes."

I have googled, checked all the posts on EV forums regarding this error and have done this:

1) EV databases are on the same compatibility level as SQL server (SQL 2017)

2) No backup modeas are active

3) When I try to check or rebuild indexes for the mailboxes in question I get no errors and problems. 

All in all I have a similar problem as described here

which states that the solution is in this link which is no longer active

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated



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One of the things you need to verify is if the maintenance plan for the SQL databases is run regularly on this database. If ity exists, verify it is run regularly. If it does not exist, or has not been run recently, schedule it to be run when EV is in backup mode. See this link to get info on how to do that.



Regards. Gertjan

Hi Gertjan, 

we have SQL maintainance in place and DBs and LOGs are being backed up each night. DB maintainance is being run one a week.

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Hello again,

You might want to run your maintenance plan more often, to see if that helps. Additionally, check this KB

Although not applicable for your EV version, it might be valid for you too. If you do have these values, log a case, so Support can assist in removing the offending entries.

Regards. Gertjan