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Error with archiving task

At this moment we have a problem with the archiving task on one exchange-server. We're using EVault 6.0 SP3 with Exchange 2000.
Recently we changed the password of the account used for the archiving task.
Ofcourse we changed it in the archiving task too. But the archiving task stops.
There's a entry in the evault-eventlog:
EventID: 3310
There was a problem accessing a network service or resource. The dispenser will re-queue the current item and sleep for 10 minute(s).

I read the article for this eventID and followed the steps described. None of the steps seems to work.

Gerben Rerink.
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Re: Error with archiving task

So to clarify, you changed the password for the VSA via AD and then changed the password on the task itself?

Re: Error with archiving task

Just to clarify, did you gone through both the technote ?

284835 also refers microsoft KB article..