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Escalating support request or complaining of very bad customer support

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Dear All,

Is there any way I can complain about a very bad customer support event?

I opened a support case almost 6 months back and until now I don't have a resolution. What makes the customer support worst is the way support team is handling the case. Neither responds to emails nor calls back as being promised. Apparently Veritas Customer Support team in Pune, India lack resources expert in Enterprise Vault that they decided to ignore the case and customer follow ups. I need to complain this to Veritas, if there is a way.

Thank you,


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I'm sorry to hear your experience.

What you can do is call support again, and ask to speak to the Duty Manager. That is someone who can assist.

In addition, you can contact your reseller, and perhaps also your contact within your local Veritas office.

I hope it gets resolved quickly.


See this support page. Click on Learn More at the Support Solutions Handbook. when opened, see page 13. Snip below.

Escalation Process
Veritas is committed to delivering high-quality Products and Support to its customers.
In the event that customers are not satisfied with the way their Case is being handled,
they should request their case be escalated.
The entry point into the Veritas escalation process is through a local Veritas Technical Support Center.
When connected, please ask to speak to the Escalation Management team.
All requests for escalation assistance will be triaged for urgency and impact and assigned to an escalation manager.
The escalation manager will:
Partner with, the customer, to understand their concerns and work to address the customer’s specific needs.
Act as an advocate on behalf of the customer, providing visibility of escalated issues with Veritas leadership.
Collaborate internally to coordinate resources and develop a plan of action.
Drive accountability to the delivery of commitments and to bring about a timely resolution of the escalated issue.
Manage communications for alignment and to provide a single voice of Veritas to the customer.

Regards. Gertjan