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Evault 10 Indexing space increasing issue

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we are having Enterprise vault 10.0.3 on windows2008R2 Sp1

our indexing location volume size is increasing drasticaly.

As of now having 4TB archival data and indexing volume size is 950 GB



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having 4TB (about 4096GB), with full indexing would be approximately 600GB index-data.

But, are you by any chance upgrading indexes to 64-bit? That might temporarily increase required space.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 6
Employee Accredited

Just to mention that the percentage expected from each of the Indexing Levels is an estimation.

Each environment is different and it will depend on the types of documents you are Archiving/Indexing as to how much space the Indexes take up in relation to the Archived data.


More importantly though as Gertjan says, if you are Upgrading then you will temporarily have duplicate Indexes, the old will stay in place but set to Read Only whilst the new 64bit Volumes are created.

I have sometimes seen upgrades fail to clear the old 32bit volumes from storage so if you are Upgrading just check after the upgrade is complete to ensure all 32bit Volumes that should have been cleared from storage have been cleared correctly.