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Evault Auditing data

We are working on our retention policies and was wondering if the auditing would.  It is my understanding that I can see how often users use their archives but can I see more detailed infomation.  Can I track the dates of the message being retrieved?  Reason is that users may state that they need for example a 5 year archive retention, but is that based on the fact that they actually retieve dtaa that old or do they just want the comfort to know that it is there aka hoarding mail.



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You can view a quick demo

You can view a quick demo (not a very good one but a demo none the less) of what the Audit Viewer will show you

It will let you see when users retrieve items and how often etc.

Ideally you would actually just query it in SQL Server, but the thing is with document management and retention, its not up to the end users, its up to your legal department and company policy, if *they* want to keep something forever, your legal or security department may say no, same if they want something gotten rid of

So really you shouldn't be allowing end users to dictate your companies information management strategy