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Evault administration questions

Hi there!
I'm new to EVault. It fell on my lap when the person in charge of it run away in dispair. Smiley Happy
I looking for your help to enlighten me about some product (EVault for Exchange) adminstration/management questions.

I would like to know if it is possible to (and how):
  1. Have different Stores and/or partions for different years, like a physical file separation by year
  2. Permanently remove/delete an achived item from the Store to recover the space: release to Outlook/Exchange, remove from Outlook and also from the EVault permanently
  3. Move items between Stores/Partitions for exemplo to achieve the desired result on 1

The EVault version in use is 7.5 SP1 ( installed on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 and with Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

Thanks in advance!
Raul Costa
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1.  You can have different

1.  You can have different store partitions based on date (it can be automatically set).
2.  It's called expiry and it is based on the retention categories.  When items expire the space is reclaimed.
3.  This is not easily achievable.  But you can set the environment to be more granular moving forward.

I strongly recommend that you look into the EV Administrator training.  It is via Symantec's Virtual Academy and would make your life much eaiser.

1. This depends.-> It is not

1. This depends.
-> It is not possible to archive all e-mail which was sent/received in 2010 to a seperate partition
-> It is possible to have everything which gets archived in a specific timeframe to be in a seperate partition
     -> Just close your partition on 31.12.2010 and open a new one
     -> This then writes everything which gets archived in 2011 into the new partition
     -> Then close this partition on 31.12.2011
     -> and so on Smiley Wink
(You can even do this automatically once you update to EV8 an up, it's called "partition rollover")

2. You may want to further elaborate on what you exactly want to do.
Here two impressions on what is possible:
. This depends on a number of settings, like: Is deletion allowed in general, what setting have you got for "deletion" in Outlook
-> Deletion has to be allowed
-> "Delete on Delete" setting has to be enabled (Shortcut deletion in outlook deletes both, Exchange & Enterprise Vault data)
    -> OR: You delete it manually from Enterprise Vault using e.g. Archive Explorer

You do automatic deletion using storage expiry, which deletes expired items from enterprise vault, and (depending on the setting "Delete orphaned shortcuts") deletes the shortcut from Enterprise Vault.

Moving items between stores/partitions is not possible.
The only thing possible is moving whole Archives to different stores (but only using Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 and up)


Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

Hi maxwitts! Thanks for your

Hi maxwitts! Thanks for your quick reply!

Now that I know 1 and 2 are possible I'll look at the manual and also follow your recommendation about EV Administrator via Virtual Academy.
Could you elaborate on the "environment to be more granular moving forward"?




Thanks MichaelZ! This will be

Thanks MichaelZ! This will be a great help.

On 2 my idea was for instance to have the possibility to restore an item to Outlook (for whichever reason) removing it permanently from EVault. It seems from your description it's a possible configuration option, right?

Whats an "Archive" from Evault perspective? Whats the relation with Stores and Partions?



Restore & Delete is possible

Restore & Delete is possible on a manual basis, so the item would need to be restored (i.e. from outlook -> restore) and then deleted (outlook -> ev search -> delete)

An "Archive" is a collection of a users items. It was refered to as "Vault" and renamed to "Archive" in more recent versions of Enterprise Vault.
Every user has a seperate logical "Archive".


Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

So I need two separate manual

So I need two separate manual steps is that it? Can't I configure EVault to automaticaly and permanently delete the item when I restore it in Outlook (only one step)?
From Outlook when I open an archived item is this the same "restore" operation? Probably I'm mixing up the definitions... sorry!

So that "Archive" is the archived maibox items from a specific user (since I only have Exchange Archiving)?

Thanks again,

Restoring back to a mailbox

Restoring back to a mailbox isn't really considered a natural step in the email lifecycle, so no, there is no single-step method of restoring and deleting. 

Putting it back into the mailbox is considered to be going backwards, really, since Exchange is supposed to be holding only the latest data.  Keeping the Exchange information stores lean allows it to play to its strength, which is sending and receiving email.  If you're moving back from the archiving solution back to the mail server, you're ultimately loading the mail server with legacy data again.  That sort of practice tends to be discouraged with EV.

So restoring an item back to the mailbox is ultimately seen as a temporary measure from EV's perspective.  When it's deleted from the archives, that should be seen as the ultimate deletion of the item.

Hope that helps explain things.

Right, jajensen, in fact it

Right, jajensen, in fact it doesn't make much sense to revert the EV objective and purpose... thanks! I was thinking about items which could be consuming space on not so cheap storage but could be discarded by users, the ones they know are useless for ther professional work and are not yet expired. Do I make my self clear?
I wish there was an easy way of retreiving those kind os items (not expired yet) permanetly from Vault and Oultook/Exchange in order to recover some space.