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Event ID 3230, 2273

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I have been trying to decrease the number of items that are back logged in my Journal Mailbox so I set up a new Journal Mailbox and Task and started Journaling to the new Mailbox and left the old Journal Task running to try and clear the pending items down.

I am currently running the 2 x Journal tasks from the same Journal EV server however I am now having loads of issues with MAPI connectiosn to exchange with Event ID 3230 and 2273. These errors are constant as EV tries to reconnect every 10 mins,  when I come back in the morning these errors are still in the Event log  I restart the EV services and Journaling starts again but I am constantly having to monitor the Journal Tasks to ensure they are running. I have loads of items in both J2 queues and the storage Archive queue is filling up but it seems to hang as nothing gets written to the HCP so I end up having to restart the storage task again.

I have done quite a few things already and lowered the Profile Expire in the regsistry antd restarted the EV services on a daily basis to reset the mapi resources . I have also ran the fixmapi.exe but still get these errors. The bakcup of Exchange sometimes overlaps EV backup, but this has happened in the past and hasn't caused the issues i am currently having..

Any help or advise would be welcome


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did the mapi issues exist before or did they start after you created a new journal mailbox and second archiving task?

also, what is your MSMQ quota set to?

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Might want to check on the CAS server as well, just to see that there isn't a throttling policy issue.

You should get events that states that the limit has been reached etc. if that is the case.

Could also be GC/DC issue, e.g. sometimes when I've received these errors specifying a GC to use have helped.

Sometimes not ;)