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Event id 2256 Error [0x8007203a]

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My customer has a EV installation running 10.0.4


I get this error when trying to start the Archiving task for one of the two Exchange Servers (Exchange 2010 DAG Cluster)


The Archiving Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for CPHCAS-01' could not be started due to startup errors. 

And if i do a Trace while starting the task i get this

360    14:49:00.534     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:L    {GetOverrride:#4157} Using [FQDN] from [organization] entry [novasol]
361    14:49:00.534     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:L    {GetOverrride:#4152} Using [GCOverride] from [Exchange server] entry [GC://]
362    14:49:00.534     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:M    {FindExchServerDn:#752} Getting search base, DN and version for Exchange server [CPHCAS-01]. Forcing LDAP: [True].
363    14:49:00.534     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:L    {FindExchServerDn:#808} Forcing LDAP. Using Configuration Naming Context as the search base.
364    14:49:00.534     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:L    {GetDomainNamingContexts:#86} Binding using string [GC://]
375    14:49:01.673     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:H    {FindExchServerDn:#886} Error: [0x8007203a]
376    14:49:01.673     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:H    {GetExchangeServerValues:#4392} Error [0x8007203a]
377    14:49:01.673     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:H    {CAgentTask::Initialise} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x8007203a], [.\AgentTask.cpp, lines {1250,1257,1264,1276,1280}, built Jul 10 17:51:28 2013].
378    14:49:01.673     [13004]    (ArchiveTask)    <1888>    EV:H    {CAgentTask::Initialise:#1451} Error [0x8007203a]


I have tried entering these two GC:// and GC:// as the ExchangeServerGCOverride in the ExchangeServerEntryId Table 

That stopped the 3305 from appearing in the event log but 2256 is still there and the task wont start

I have a local GC domain controller, GC:// added as "Use specific Global Catalog Server" in Domain Properties


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does the second exchange server have an active database with the EV system mailbox for the task you're trying to start?

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TCP connections exhausted with GC? Try

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Yes both Exchange servers has one EV system mailbox placed on each server in a seperate db

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This is a small installation 650 users 2 exchange servers, would this be an issue? we dont have a 2307 in the event log

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What would be the correct address to put into ExchangeServerGCOverride when CAS role is load balanced ? the load balanced name or the Exchange server name?


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It is worth giving a try , changing the mailbox to which EV connects


Change the mailbox EV uses to connect to the Exchange System to an existing mailbox that does not have any issues. Follow these steps within the Vault Admin Console.

  •     Expand Enterprise Vault Servers > Enterprise Vault > Tasks
  •     Stop the archiving task that is going to be modified.
  •     Right click the now stopped archiving task > Properties > Settings tab.
  •     Click the Browse button to select an alternate System mailbox.
  •     Click OK and re-start the task.

If you go to Control Panel and open Mail 32, click on Profiles, do you see a lot of MAPI profiles created by EV? Try clear these out.

Ensure Enterprise Vault has not been configured to point to a specific global catalog server, that is no longer available. 

If "Use specific Global Catalog server" is ticked, ensure that server is available, advertising as a Global Catalog and up to date. 
Uncheck the "Use specific Global Catalog server" if the GC is no longer in use .

The other suggestions above would help your issue too.