EventID 41145 when using FSAUtility.

I currently have an issue where by when I perform a FSAUtility -t restore, a number of the items return a eventID 41145 - Additional info : Input string was not in a correct format.

I have reviewed the files in question on the fileserver and although they appear with a offline placeholder icon the size of the file on disk does not match the size of a placeholder, which in my case is 32kb. But are actually the size of the original file.

Has anyone encountered this?

Due to previously encountered backend NAS storage issues all of the EV client services are disabled.

Is there something I need to run to either change the presented icon back from a placeholder to a normal file icon, or is there more to it.

I can successfully restore the files if I specify a new destination.


Any ideas or thoughts would be greatfully accepted.





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An EMC restriction prevents

An EMC restriction prevents FSAUtility from processing files or folders on a Celerra/VNX device if the target path exceeds 1024 characters. On the Enterprise Vault server an event log message states that the input string was not in a correct format.

this other one is a longshot but just in case https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.TECH172565



AndrewB thanks for the

AndrewB thanks for the feedback,

I believe that the issue reflects back to a time when the backend HP X9730 NAS storage was unavailable due to a hardware/IBRIX software issue and the user had attempted to recall the file from the archive.

When I perform the FSAUtility -t restore a percentage of the files are re-called, which I believe have not been previously recalled where as the one's that fail have been recalled but the placeholder/offline file attribute is still set.

A case has been raised with support and SymHelp and DTrace logs sent.