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Exact sequence of an archive run

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My exchange admin asked me what was exactly ( step by step) the processes used by EV to archive Exchange Mailboxesduring an archive run ( determine what has to be archived, archive it and declare a mailbox as archived). As they are looking at the last logged user on mailboxes and even after a run they didn't especially see the Vault Account, they now don't believe in a mapi login anymore.
Could any body get me this info or refer me to a doc explaining this process.

We are using EV 11.0.1 CH5 and exchange 2010 SP3

Thank you



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Hi Sandrine,

Here it's a high level of the process.

  1. When the archiving task starts (based on the schedule), it initiates MAPI connections (5/Exchange server by default) via the EV system mailbox defined for that Exchange server. 
  2. Then it starts scanning the mailboxes one by one. It archives up to 1000 emails/mailbox (by default) and it moves on to the next mailbox and so on. If a mailbox has more emails eligible for archiving after this first pass, it is considered partially processed, else completed. Now, if the EV archiving task schedule is still open after the first pass, it will re-start from the beginning with all mailboxes that are partially processed. 
  3. If the archiving task is started manually from the console by an administrator, EV will archive all eligible emails for a mailbox before it moves on to the next one.
  4. Depending on the safety copies setting, the archived emails will be replaced with shortcuts immediately or after the backup.

Note the mailboxes are scanned under the context of the EV service account which has read permissions in Exchange. 

For more info, have a look through the following articles:

Hope this helps.


Thank you Virgil for your answer.

My problem is/was that I also "thought" everything was done via those mapi connections but my exchange admin ( who is also my boss) tells me that when he checked last mapi connection on the mailboxes he doesn't always see  the EV account which he should as we do a run everynights. So we were wondering if it really when trough all the mailboxes via MAPI just to check if something was to be archived or not.

I will give him your answer.

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Hello Sandrine,

what account does he see? Could it be the Enterprise Vault system Mailbox account defined on the task perhaps? Or is it perhaps an account from backup tooling? Remember that the services run under the VSA, but the task most likely uses a different account. It is the task which connects to the mailboxes as far as I am aware...

You might want to open a call at support, to have an exact process diagram of mailbox archiving.

Regards. Gertjan

hello Gertjan,

He sees divers users at divers times stamps. So basically not really something usefull.I'll contact the support for the diagram . Thank you for your answer