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Exchange 2003 SP2

Level 4
Has anyone heard from a reliable source when EV with have support for SP2 for Exchange 2003?

Level 3
I see this thread is a bit dead but I am desperate to find out when SP2 will be supported on V6.... Does anyone have any news?

Level 6
Employee Certified
I remember hearing somewhere once that MS partners normally have 60 days after a SP release with which to certify their products against it. So based on that I assume that either V6 SP1 or SP2 will officially support it.

I know for definate that the OWA icons don't display with E2k3-SP2 using V6 Gold.

Level 6
How come it took them over 6 months to certify W2k3 SP1 then?

Level 2
I opened a support case about this a few weeks ago.

What I got was that EV 6.0 SP1 will be soon out but it will *NOT* support Exchange 2003 SP2. Exchange Sp2 will be supported in EV 6.0 SP2 that will be out "sometime next year".