Exchange 2013 space reclamation

We have Exchange 2013 CU9 and Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 CH4. I did Run Now... - Archiving and Shortcut processing on several mailboxes. The job has ended succesfully. TotalItemSize of mailboxes has dicreased and dumpster folder is empty. After couple of days i see that AvailableNewMailboxSpace of databases won't change. Then i moved one of those mailboxes to another database and removed SoftDeleted mailbox from original database. Now i see AvailableNewMailboxSpace has increased.

1. Mailbox "A" was 20GB.

2. After archiving mailbox "A" became 10GB. Database parametr AvailableNewMailboxSpace = 0

3. I moved mailbox "A" to another database, removed SoftDeleted mailbox from original database. Database parametr AvailableNewMailboxSpace = 20GB

This behavior resembles the problem with exchange 2010 that describes in this article

Can anyone confirm this issue on Exchange 2013?



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Re: Exchange 2013 space reclamation

On EV 12.0.1 and Exchange 2013 CU11 same problem.