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Exchange DataBase Size

Hi All,


Is the size of DataBase stores in Exchange 2007 has to decrease directly if i configure mailbox archive task to remove the mails after archive done successfully or i have to maintain Echange DataBase?


i configured the settings of mailboxes archiving tasks to delete the mails after archiving but the size of the database still increasing although the size of mails on outlook appears around 6~7 kb means that the mails size decrease but physicaly size of stores increase ... how can i solve that.


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Re: Exchange DataBase Size



sounds more like an exchange issue to me. EV will delete the original items and replace them with shortcuts immediately after the archiving tasks runs against the mailboxes.


I'm not the exchange specialist, but I know you can configure Exchange to keep deleted items for a certain amount of time, e.g. 30 days. Maybe you have such a setting on your Exchange?