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Exchange Mailbox Archive Information

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We have numerous Exchange Mailbox Archives that the AD account and Exchange mailbox were removed.

I would like to remove those archives, if all items have reached the retention period.

I don't have the abiltity to determine what retention policy was applied on the accounts, since the AD account is removed and no longer part of the groups used to apply policy.

Is there a query that I can run to determine the number of items in the archive and the retention policy applied?

To avoid this issue in the future, when a user is leaves the company what is the best practice on account and mailbox removal when an archive is attached?


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here is a query for you (been a while since I tested it so give it a whirl): -- This gives the archive name and count of items by retention cat. You can throw in a Where clause and specify a user name if you desire. -- Runs against the VaultStore Database SELECT a.ArchivePointID, ex.MbxDisplayName, s.ArchivePointIdentity, rc.RetentionCategoryName, COUNT(s.RetentionCategoryIdentity) as Count FROM Saveset s Join Archivepoint a on a.ArchivePointIdentity =s.ArchivePointIdentity Join EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.RetentionCategoryEntry rc on rc.RetentionCategoryIdentity = s.RetentionCategoryIdentity Join EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ExchangeMailboxEntry ex on ex.DefaultVaultID = a.ArchivePointID GROUP BY ArchivePointID,s.ArchivePointIdentity, rc.RetentionCategoryName, ex.MbxDisplayName There is a KB for your second question but in my history with EV it is the hardest KB for me to find for some reason. It details a process you should go through with archives where you intend to delete the associated account. From memory it is something like change it to a zero day archiving policy and process now. Disable archiving for the user, remove the account.... something like that. Sorry I did not find it but i gave it a good five minutes of searching and always have a problem finding that specific KB. Hope this helps

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