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Exchange Mailbox Archiving Report coming in 10.0.2- Give us your thoughts!



I'm very very happy to tell you of a great new feature we are delivering in Enterprise Vault 10.0.2. 

In this release we are delivering Exchange Archiving Reports which are generated whenever Exchange Mailbox archiving takes place. The reports are available during and at the end of the run. 3 reports are generated, brief, full and .csv.  Each report will detail every mailbox on the Exchange server, and what archiving(if any) took place.  Below is screenshot of a brief report and attached is examples of brief, full and .csv. The full report has many more columns, the .csv is a close representation of full but means you could put the data into excel if you wish and process it accordingly. 

In addition to these reports, a new event log entry is generated at the end of the run giving you a summary of what took place.  The summary is also available from the properties of the archiving task and you can access these reports via that or on disk as well.  If you take a look at the attach files you'll see that the fields all have "hover over" text explaining what they mean, in addition to this the report will link to a tech note giving further details.

We are making final tweaks and would love to hear your feedback as soon as possible.  Do you like it? does it have the content you want?  do you understand the content, what questions might you have that we need to explain in a tech note?  Please reply to this post with your thoughts. 


Mike Bilsborough





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Looks good Mike. I like it

Looks good Mike. I like it and I do understand it. Looking forward to testing and see it for myself.


looks good.

I like the full! especially since it has the number of passes. That will be handy for us. Now convince customer to upgrade :)

Regards. Gertjan

Looks great my customers have

Looks great my customers have been asking for something like this for a long time

This is good news and very

This is good news and very relevant, it will allow  customers to gather information about the  status of there archiving easily. Nice one

this is FANTASTIC! been

this is FANTASTIC! been waiting for...EVER for this and you've exceeded my expectations. very nice work.

This was one of many requests

This was one of many requests I worked alongside Engineering with and I'm really happy to see the comments so far. Believe me you wouldn't realise how much time we discussed over the content! I think this will help all EV customers and help demystify EV, and finally people get to know when archiving is finished. Sometimes it's the little things in life :)

Its a good news and it will

Its a good news and it will help us in creating reports for higher management. Thanks a lot for the effort and waiting for the service pack. Any date you have for releasing it?

I think I'll got in the last

I think I'll got in the last four years nearby 50 request from different customer about reporting the scheduled archiving task.


Sounds Great! Thanks!


Brilliant, much needed  

Brilliant, much needed


Great job Mike!  Full report

Great job Mike! 

Full report looks great!

Looks great  

Looks great


Mike, Would you be able to


Would you be able to let us know a rough guestimation when 10.0.2 will be released? 

A long last

Thanks for this great feature. This ist EXACTLY and MORE as we expected to see.


Looking forward the the release.

There is nothing which could not be enhanced, but currently I have no idea to add



Mike as far as improved

Mike as far as improved functionality is concerned it would be great if the enhancements could bring me breakfast in bed, on the weekend only of course.

Apart from the convenience I know this is nothing your various competitors have?


Hi Mike and Bruce,

What competitors? cheeky

Would this report also be available in SQL reporting?

Regards. Gertjan

Hi Gertjan, No the report

Hi Gertjan,

No the report won't be available via SQL reporting.  I'm not an expert in SQL reporting to know whether it might be possible to simply link from SQL reporting to these reports?

In terms of dates for 10.0.2 I'll get back to you on what we can officially say at this time.