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Exchange Mailbox move

Level 6
I know that the approach to moving mailboxes in an Exchange environment with EV installed is to first disable the mailbox within EV, move the mailbox and then reenable the mailbox on the new server. However, can someone explain why this is the case when the archiving and storage services identified on the mailbox archive do not change even after the mailbox is moved to a different Exchange server which is being archived by a different EV server.


Level 6
Nue, the official line is that any move of a mailbox from server A to server B will be seamless, as long as A and B are in the same Exch group.

However, this isn't always true, sometimes the EV server doesn't recognize the move correctly and screws it up. What usually happens is that it will see the mailbox in it's new location and build a new archive for the mail. This causes all kinds of havoc and it quite a pain to straighten out.

So what evolved as simply the best practice is to disable, move, re-enable. There are tons of times when you may not have to do it, but it's simple, it's easy, and it saves a lot of pain.

Lee Allison

Level 3
Well, then Symantec needs to change the "official" line or fix it. Call me crazy, but I'd like for a product to do what it says it can do, and not have to hunt for the unofficial, undocumented way to do something.

And by the way, when retiring a server or moving large numbers of mailboxes this will be a major pain.