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Excludes Thumbs.db on EV policy

We have a FSA server; some old windows file share folder with thumbs.db exist and be archive thru EV file. It trigger an issue when I try to copy such folder to another share folder.

On Rule setup, would "Thumb file" is what I am looking file name for Thumbs.db ?

If existing server with such "Thumbs.db" Placeholder, how could I clean it on UNC sharing.


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Can you explain more about

Can you explain more about the issue as I don't understand your issue

System built-in file

When PC browse a server UNC path folder with images, it will create a thumbs.db file on that folder. After EV archive it and become placeholder. When user copy that folder to another UNC path, it will get error message not to be copy to target location.

Since Thumbs.db is not user data; so we do not need to archive it. Therefore I would like to exclude them not to be archive on policy.

On Rule setup, it have a file type which we could target to "not archive" such file type on it.