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Export Archive not deleting items (so I can then delete the archive) after upgrade to 9.x

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This is the first time I have tried to do this since an upgrade from 8.04 to 9.02. Could be related, maybe not. 



I have several Exchange archives that need to be deleted. I normally right click Archives, Export, "Export Archives to PST files", select the Archive I want, Choose "Export all items from this root folder path:" use a single backslash to specify the root. Then select "Remove exported items from archive." 


This will empty the archive, so I can then delete it from Enterprise Vault. (We use a Centera, so if there are any items in the vault, you can't delete it.) 


This isn't working any longer. The export works, but it doesn't remove anything from the archive. Help.


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I cannot recall seeing anything in between the versions you stipulated to indicate that this should be normal behaviour. I have just done a quick test on my EV9 SP2 system with an archive that had items archived on a Centera and the items exported fine and they were deleted from the Centera as expected. So the first question would be do you receive any errors around deletion. Has something changed on the Centera? Does a normal delete work?


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just to note: if you can delete items via a PST Export, you can delete items via an Archive delete

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Hmm that's interesting, I've not seen or heard of this issue before.  Does it do it all the time like this?

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