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Export of one EV7 Public Folder archive


My customer has one Exchange2000/EV7-public folder archive on approx. 150GB  he wants to migrate to either EV10 public folder archives, Exchange2010 Public Folders 

or few .pst files. The sourcing provider we use have exported (with Quadrotech I think) the archive into 125 .pst-files on approx 1.5GB each, but the folder hierarchy is complex and the work to rearrange the content in the files (to merge all folders together into to the original structure in Exch2010) is daunting - so that solution does not look like a solution. Unless there's a way to merge numerous .psts into one single archive public folder or Exchange mailbox.

Do you have any suggestions as to how to migrate the EV7-PF-archive forwards? 


Best Regards

Tim Kühnell