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Export to mailbox failed

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We try since many days to export archive ( 13 years emails and documnets) , as the mount of data is huge , we tried to export by year.

The problem that for some of them, the export is aborted after exporting a first quantity. the error messages do not give the source of it.

the file below :

Export Archive Report File
Start date & time: 07/12/2017 11:33:46

Export Settings:
=> The source archive and destination mailbox are listed below.
=> Age filter start date & time: 01/01/2013 00:01:00
=> Age filter end date & time: 31/12/2013 23:59:59
=> Retention Category filtering of archived items is off
=> Folder filtering of archived items is off

Report file: D:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Reports\Export_20171207113344.txt

Source Archive for export:

Destination mailbox:

Time log:

Time: 11:34:09
Export of archive username Failed
Reason: Operation aborted

End time: 11:34:09

Results Summary:

Username : Failed
Operation aborted
Storage server: XXXXXXXSerur
Exported = 0; Failed = 1; Remaining = 3759 (99%)

Number archives processed: 0
Number archives being processed: 0
Number archives part processed: 0
Number archives not processed: 0
Number archives failed: 1

{end of report}





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What could help if you can provide us with relevant Event IDs seen in the logs when exports are failing

Tried again to export to mailbox and it's failed


Export Archive Report


Export status: Incomplete


Processing aborted due to an unrecoverable error.


Job Id: Exp2_20171207100938

Vault Name: xxxxxxxxxx

Vault Id: 13294E76C9CE0754B9B3614BD92E526C31110000VAULT


Target Exchange Server\Mailbox: SXMBPAR03\Evault_Export


Number of items restored: 9072

Number of items unable to be restored: 1


Age range filter: 01/janv./2013 00:01 - 31/déc./2013 23:59

Retention category filter: <None>


Elapsed Export Time: 00:40:32 (hours:minutes:seconds)


For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Evetntd : 6768

Task catagory : Migrator Server


is there any others places to check ?

is there any way to ignor the error and continue exporting ?


many thx for your help




Level 6


If your version is 12, log a support case then.

I have a customer with HUGE amount of data to export was facing the same issue. You can try to export smaller size and see how it goes. Something related to SQL...