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FSA - Error updating The file blocking agent on server !!

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Hi everybody,

I'm making a EV installation. I want to archive my file server. This server is a windows server with a ntfs share. So i've pushed the fsa agent on my server, no error. My policy is a folder policy to make a placeholder in place of orginal.

I have archived a folder in report mode, all is alright. But when I archive in normal mode, nothing happends and I have some errors in the report file:

Error making file: \\?\UNC\ev-files\partage\dossier A\mon ficher.doc a placeholderfile. interface non enregistrée (Exception de Hresult: 0x80040155).

And i have an error in event viewer on Windows 2008:

ID 41157 : error updating the file blocking agent on server: ev-files.evdomaine.local.
Last successful upadta: 26.10/2009
Reason: interface non enregistrée (exception de Hresult : 0x80040155)

My Ev server is in W2008 64b(WOW), EV 8 SP2

My Files server is in W2003 R2 SP2 32 bits.

thanks for your responses.


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Partner Accredited Certified
Try this:

Several critical EV DLLs had not properly registered and the errors created by this were very obscure.

                41157: Error updating file blocking agent - Interface not registered

It was necessary to manually register 3 dlls:

                Regsvr32 fileplaceholderps.dll

                Regsvr32 filescreenserviceclientstub.dll

                Regsvr32 filescreenserviceps.dll


cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 3
Hi MichelZ

Thanks for the link, but how I create the 3 dlls?