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FSA Placeholder File Not Created / Files Not Archived

Level 3

I am currently evaluating / testing FSA. I created a FSA task which appears to be running successfully however there are no placeholder files created. I have enabled the option to create placeholder files. There are no errors. Re-Configured numerous times. It appears that the files are not being archived. See screen shot.


Level 6

Hi Monika

From your screenshot it looks like you have set a correct Time and Size setting but then on the Screenshot creation you have made a change so the actual shortcut creation is different it will archive files but not create placeholders

Use AE or usage.asp to see if anything has been archived

To create Placeholders  set the Shortcut Creation to Create Shortcut immediately  and then make sure you set the Time and Size to Last Modified ..maybe  older  than 1 day ?

Ran the task in report mode to see impact