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FSA and Quota Policies on W2k8R2

I'm working on a quota management solution that involves the use of Windows Server 2008 R2, File Server Resource Manager (FSRM), and EV version 8.

My issue right now is that I need to control the storage usage on the Windows Server and was planning to do so using FSRM to implement quotas on specific folders, and then set an EV quota policy on those folders to archive files older than a certain date until back under the quota policy threshold limit.

For example:

  • On the Windows filer server, the folder F:\projects would have an FSRM quota set at 500GB.
  • This folder is accessible via the share, \\FS01\Projects.
  • When mapping a drive directly to this share it shows the drive size as 500GB, not the 2TB volume it resides on (this is in fact how it works).
  • An archive point would be created using the \\FS01\Projects share name, rather than using something like \\FS01\F$\projects.
  • This archive point has a quota policy of 80%, and an archive usage limit of 1TB.

From this configuration what I need to happen is as follows:

  1. Users continue to copy data to the Projects share until it surpasses the 80% quota policy which would be 400GB (80% of the 500GB FSRM quota or 80% of the "disk" on which the archive point was created).
  2. At such time, EV continues to archive off data until the archive usage limit of 1TB is reached.
  3. With EV no longer archiving data (due to the archive usage limit be reached) the Project share continues to grow until it reaches the FSRM thresholds and starts sending out warnings and such.

So, really my first big hope is that EV will see the "volume size" of \\FS01\Projects as 500GB since that is what's being presented forth by the Windows server, and not somehow divine that the share actually resides on a physical volume that is 2TB in size.  I honestly don't know how it could determine that the disk size presented with the share is not in fact the actual volume size, but at any rate....

Short of testing all this out in a lab I can't confirm and I'm still waiting for an eval version of EV to sandbox the scenario.

Can anyone reward me with an answer to this one?

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You can apply quota archiving

You can apply quota archiving based on whole disks, folders or subfolders quotas.  You can set it start archiving when quota reaches xx% (say 80%) and stop when it reaches yy% (say 50%).


Key to remember:  Archiving won't actually start until the next scheduled archive run so xx% might actually be somewhat higher when archiving actually commences.

And its a no-go...

I've been able to test this out in the lab and somehow (whether it's via the FSA agent or some other method) the EV server knows when a target share is really a volume or just a folder (or mount point). As such, it will not allow me to assign a volume policy with the %quota enabled when I attempt to add the share as a volume.

I'm going to see if I can get NTP Software's ODA for EV add-on installed and see if it'll help bridge this gap.