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FSA not archiving

I've been testing EV8 SP5 FSA and although I've tried a multitude of policies and settings I can't seem to get it to archive files from the target or leave placeholders.

I'm not getting any errors in the event log, with the only two messages appearing after I manually "Run Now" are 40983 and 40987.  The latter messsage indicates that several files matched.

Being very new to EV, where a good place to start looking?

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Oops.  Ended up posting this

Oops.  Ended up posting this in the wrong forums.  Let's try this again...

Is your task set to Report

Is your task set to Report Mode?

No, the report mode option

No, the report mode option isn't checked.  What I can't figure out is why it's saying xx files matched but doesn't bother to do anything.

So do a run now and for

So do a run now and for reports make sure it is set to Full and not Brief.  Post a few lines of that report.

More info

Figured out why it wasn't working.  I needed to clear the archive attribute on the files in the EV store before it would delete the original file and leave the placeholder.

As additional information:

As additional information: Depending on your settings in on the vault store (right click/properties | General) you can decide if EV should wait for cleard archive bits before creating the placeholders.