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FSAUTILITY for bulk restore appears to be stuck

Level 3

Hi Team,

I am in a process to bulk restore data. We are running EV 11.0.1

Used FSAutility -t -s and i am targeting it to a share.

I was able to restore a number of folders. However on one folder(huge in size at around 4 TB) it appears FSAUTILITY is stuck.

If i check the size for the destination, it is around 3.1 TB and is not moving from there for more than a day. And there is no activity since then. No new files are restored (I am checking with storage if space is an issue but ideally that wouldnt be the case and i can create new files there)

Is there a limit ?

Anyways, If have queued another folder for restore that has just few files.

I used another EV server and attempted the same operation for the other folder however it states the files are already queued for restore(Understandabily).

There are no errors in event logs on the EV or the file server.

Ran a Dtrace of placeholder on the file servr and it does not say much.

I wanted to know how would i know if its doing anything(i did not use the log switch). The XML files are just 1 KB.

From what i have checked it doesnt seem to be doing anything.

So i wanted to know what could be done to continue.

How can i stop this operation of FSAUTILITY and then run the operation for the other folders that now appear as queued ?