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FSAUtility Not Restore All Files - But show restore files completed

Level 2

Hi guys,

I am trying to recover all the files from a directory. But the command below ends successfully but does not restore the files.

I've tried a different path but it also does not retrieve the files.

FSAutility have any restore limits per day?




Level 4

Can you take a DTRACE of the FSAUTILITY process and attach it please.

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

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Hi there,

What is the exact command that you are using?

Have you tried using -f (force) option? This forces FSAUtility to restore the files when placeholders or files of the same name already exist. The utility first deletes the existing placeholders or files and then restores the files.


I,m sorry. 

The command is:

E:\EV\INSTALL\ENTERPRISE VAULT>FSAUtility -t -f -s "\\srv-file2.localiza.corp\J_symantec\Compartilhado\Desenvolvimento de Sistemas\Techbiz\Gerenciamento de Equipamentos\Original" -l 0

FSA Data Mover Utility.
Symantec Enterprise Vault.
Copyright (c) 2010. Symantec Corporation.

Restore files
Folder : \\srv-file2.localiza.corp\J_symantec\Compartilhado\Desenvolvimento de Sistemas\Techbiz\Gerenciamento de Equipamentos\Original
Number of files queued for restore: 1
Number of files queued for restore: 2
Number of files queued for restore: 3
Note: File restore operation has been started.
XML Log file generated.

Hi Cleber2,

This command looks fine.  What does the report file show for this run under EV_install_directory\Reports\FSAUtility? Does the report show Restore operation started or Already queued?  If it shows Already queued then there may be an issue with the process and a restart of the EV Storage service should resolve.  You will have to run the command again.  

A Dtrace of FSAUtility and EVFileSvrArcMngr would give more detail. FSAUility builds the file list and then passes the restore operation to EVFileSvrArcMngr.