FSAUtility not restoring all files

Hi All

Please i need your assistance on this one, one of our clients need to do a full restore of two folders, when running the FSAUtility with the following (FSAUtility.exe - t -s UNC path -d UNC path -f -l 0) its restores +/- 4500 items out of  +/-38000 there are no errors reported in the logs etc. we are able to open these archived items

We have now come to a dead end please help

thank you

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Hello Crow, I guess first we

Hello Crow,

I guess first we need check in SQL whether we have that much items in those folders..

So to get the number of items archived per folder for an archive, you can run the following query against the Vaultstore.
Note : replace the archive ID with the archive id beneath which we have the folder in question.
/* SQL Query Starts here */
--declare and set parameters
declare @archiveid varchar(75)
set @archiveid = '1ACBC1EF4F328D7428E8664409FB5BC981110000EV8'
,count(*) NumberofitemsperFolder
from enterprisevaultdirectory..root r1
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..root r2 on r1.rootidentity = r2.containerrootidentity
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..archive on r1.rootidentity = archive.rootidentity
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..archivefolder on r2.rootidentity = archivefolder.rootidentity
inner join vault on r2.vaultentryid = Vault.Vaultid
inner join saveset ss on vault.vaultidentity = ss.vaultidentity
where ss.archivepointidentity in
(select Archivepointidentity from Archivepoint where archivepointId= @archiveid)
group by
/* SQL Query Ends here*/
  • Once we confirm that the items exists.
  • Then we might have to initiate a dtrace on FSAUtility to find what's going wrong.
  • The Dtrace can be huge, so make sure we place the log file in a location were we have plenty of space.
  • Also please upload the log file so that can check.

I hope this helps !!!


Hi Crow, How do you know that

Hi Crow,

How do you know that there are 38k files instead of 4.5k? If you ran the FSAutility with -l 0 you should have a log file for both successfull operations and failed operations. Have you reviewed that log file? You can also post the log file so we can take a look.