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FSAUtility reports "Already Queued" in XML File

Level 3

Hi @ all,

at the moment, we are trying to recall some files with the command

fsautility -b -s path -e *.dat -recurse

On some folders, we got the status "Already queued" in the XML file but it will be the same also after restarting the EV services or restarting the EV Server and the bulk recall does´nt work. Recalling the files via the Windows Explorer ist working.

  1. Is there a possibility to remove these files from that queue?
  2. Is there a possibility to monitoring these files?

I know, that the file archiving does´nt use MSMQ, but possibly, there is a possibility.


kind regards



Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified


Is the placeholder service running on the file server? Are there any errors with communicating to the EV server?  

From a command prompt you can run 'fltmc' to see if the evfilter driver is loaded.  This is needed to pass the request from the file system to the placeholder service.