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Failed : Migration to a new File Server - Cannot access archived files

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Hi All,

I have a client that decided to migrate their file server to a new server. They manually copied over the contents including the PH and obviously none of the archived files are accessible now through double-clicking on the new file server.

We has so far established and done the following :

- Setup FSA for the new file server and added it as a target
- Installed the FSA agent on each memeber (3) of the windows cluster - The previous server was NOT a cluster
- Configured the cluster support using the Cluster Setup Wizard
- Run an FSAUtility with the -pm switch to re-create the PH
- Setup the new volume (same name as old obviously)
- Added only ONE of the folders (there are about 12/13 on the OLD file server) to test

The client is still not able to use the archived files - an error is produced when double-clicking the file : usually Access Denied, however if we search we are able to see and open the files through Enterprise Vault Search.

Restoring the files does not work either.

The old file server is still online and currently still a target.

I noticed that I don't have the Archive Point (AP) at the top-level of the tree when browsing the volume for the NEW file server like there is when browsing the the volume for the OLD file server. The other lower-level APs are there. I have only declared one folder on the new target to test.

I'm guessing that the PH are not pointing correctly to the NEW locations, but honestly I'm a little lost now.

Any help or pointers (no pun intended) would be most grateful.

PS, wanted to do a DTrace but there are no FSA traces available from the graphic interface :( Haven't had time to investigate cmdline options...

Many thanks in advance.