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File Server (allready FSA in use) Migration to a EMC Celerra

Level 4
Hi Everbody,
does anyone here do this in the past? The scenario we have is the following:
The Fileserver is a Windows Server allready archived with EV FSA and we would migrate the Data to a EMC Celerra Device. Within the Migration Process we have to move the Placeholders from the old Fileserver to the Celerra Device, thats the Point were i think the Most Problems could occur.
Martin Widemann

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
Hello Everybody

it has been sometime since this question was posted and we are about to attempt the same scenario. We need to move approx 20 file servers that have EV installed with the placeholders to a new Celerra. Has anyone attempted this and if so have any tips and recommendations on how it can be achieved?

regards Mark