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File clusters brought down by EV database stopping.

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Hi Guys

I was just looking for some info on the relationship between the services on a file server and the EV application servers.

Very long story short....we upgraded the EV DB from SQL 2008 to 2012 on 20/05/2015.

We took a VM snapshot to cover us in case of any errors.

All working out ok and EV was brought back up successfully with all functionality.

A day later the snapshot(which i kept just in case) filled up the disk and caused the Ev database to fall over redering the task controller service on 2 of our 4 EV servers as failed.

The next morning as all of our users were trying to log on all of our file clusters went down.

We had to commit the VM snapshot and reboot the EV systems and after that the file severs came back to their normal selves.

I dont expect anyone to be troubleshooting this sort of thing on the forum but my question would be...

What would the expected behaviour of a windows file cluster configured for FSA be, in the event of the loss of the EV database?


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the only thing that comes to mind right now if EV goes down would be that any archived files would not be accessible.

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Thanks Andrew, that what i would have thought. Id be under the impression that the EV services on the file clusters are simply there to answer requests from the EV servers and if the EV servers and DB were down then the services on the file clusters would just sit there doing nothing.

This is the 2nd time though that when EV has gone down its taken the file clusters with it.......its definetly EV related but needle in a haystack territory at the moment!