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File retrieval after upgrade to 12.4 not possible

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Dear all,

we just upgraded from EV 11.0.1 to EV 12.4 and now we cannot retrieve archived files. We had this once when we upgraded from 10.0.4 CHF3 to 11.0.1 In a former case it came to light that the former newest client had a memory leakage and the recommendation was to use the FSA agent from 10.0.4 CHF3

We used this client until yesterday, but now with the FSA agent 12.4 we have exactly the same issue.

Afterwards we installed 10.0.4. CHF3 FSA again, but there is no improvement.
In the event viewer I do not find any events which lead us to the root cause.

I'm grateful for any help.

Kind regards,




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Hello Christian,

I unfortunately have 0 experience with FSA, but as this is 12.4, you should really call support for this. If it indeed is something like you described, they really need info from you on determining the cause.

Regards. Gertjan

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I would suggest using the 12.4 agent over the 10.x agent. If no errors are reported in the Event Viewer then the request may not be making it to the Placeholder Service process.  This may be due to the driver not being loaded.  Running fltmc instances from command line on the file server will display the drivers loaded.  The evfilter driver is for FSA and should be loaded on all drives.  You can unload and reload by using following -

Then configure Dtrace- for EvPlaceholderService to a file and restart the Enterprise Vault File Placeholder Service and try the recall again.  The request should show in the Dtrace log file and Event Viewer will show errors.  

If there are no entries for the recall in the Dtrace then you should open a Support case so we can check into the issue.