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Files that have been moved to archive are no longer accessible

I'm trying to view a file in Sharepoint. the files have been archived in EV and these files are no longer accessible. I need to review the files and wanted to know how to restore the links in EV?

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are you the user or the ev

are you the user or the ev admin?


So the shortcuts are no

So the shortcuts are no longer in Sharepoint but you see the items in the Archive?

I'm a new SharePoint admin

I'm a new SharePoint admin and yesterday was my first day getting familiar with EV. I've been tasked to help 2 users where one user attempterd to access a file via a link for that item, the link does not take them anywhere. This item of course is archived via EV. I have another user who has the same problem with an EV archived item and when she accesses the file, she gets a "The Enterprise Vault Server is unavailable or access is denied".

*Below is an error received when accessing a .docx file from 2011.Error.PNG

Below is an error received when accessing a pdf file.


The last one below is an error received from I beleive a zip file from 2011.Error3.PNG

@Tony When you're referring to shortcuts what do you mean by that? Is that referring to zip files or link to files in general that are archived?


Are all archived items broken

Are all archived items broken in SP or just these two?

A place to start is to make sure that all the services are started in EV and that the sharepoint tasks are running. Then look at your SP server(s) and make sure the EV addins are installed and running there too as the EV service account. That's the low haning fruit so to speak.

If it's not something simple then with a bit more detail about the issue and your environment, we can get into specifics.


@AndrewB the user has shared

@AndrewB the user has shared her screen with me and upon investigating it seems as if files from 01/2012 and earlier gives her the errors as shown in screen shots. Files from 2013 work fine from the few that we've seen. I did some research on what you've mentione and details in these links i found here

and here 

I haven't been shown around much yet but I believe the next step for me is to find which servers contain EV, make sure the services are started, and make sure EV addins are running am I correct?


*Side note - I have been told I can restore zip files, that no longer can be opened, from EV and that I can restore this using STS Admin without logging onto EV servers? May I get some clarity on what was mentioned to me?


that's a good start in terms

that's a good start in terms of next steps. getting a lay of the land and all so you can narrow down the troubleshooting.

with regards to the side note, EV doesnt use ZIP files and i havent heard of STS Admin so i'm not sure what was mentioned to you but i can say you wont get very far at all without logging onto EV servers.