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First time upgrading - checking my steps

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Hi All

Looking to do my first EV upgrade, normally this has been actioned by another colleague who has since retired. Currently we're on EV 12.1.2 and looking to go to 12.5.3.

Our environment is: 4x Win2012 servers (2 x storage/task servers and 2 x indexing servers), SQL 2012 server, Storage is handled by CIF shares. We're currently running onprem Exchange 2016 servers. We don't use EV reporting, discovery or any smtp/journal archiving


Confirm backups of application servers and SQL
Confirm AV off
Confirm disk space
Run deployment scanner check
Get new clients packaged ready to deploy
Change Day:
  1. Stop all EV services and set to manual
  2. Check all MSMQ are empty
  3. Copy and backup EV folder for webapp.ini and web.config files

  4. Upgrade all 4 servers but DO NOT reboot until all are done
  5. Run cmdlet Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade to upgrade SQL db
  6. 12.5.3 install on all 4 servers

a) have I got the above steps correct?

b) my previous colleague would also put the Vault Stores in Backup mode, is this necessary since I'm stopping the EV services and changing them to Manual startup for the duration?

c) he also noted something about Check Statistics have been dropped on Vault SQL Databases, what is this?

d) Do I need to upgrade OWA extensions on each Exchange server as well?

e) the client app deployment is handled by another team, does it matter if the server is 12.5.3 but the client is 12.1.2 for a short duration?

f) any other step I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.



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I'm not totally agree with your method, please check my update :
Change Day:
  1. Stop all EV services and put EV admin service set to disable (all of other service depend of this one)
  2. restart server to free all EV files
  3. Check all MSMQ other than A3, A5, A7 are empty
  4. Copy and backup EV folder for webapp.ini and web.config files

  5. Make a backup of EV DB with a SQL maintenance plan, like this you don't depend of a backup software ... more easy if you work during week-end or night
  6. make copy of all .msg files in EV installation folder (not in subfolders), and make a copy of shortcuts.txt. 
  7. Upgrade your first server only in 12.5, like this if you need going back it's more easy with only one server
  8. Run cmdlet Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade to upgrade SQL db
  9. Start EV admin and EV directory on your first server, and start Enterprise Vault Admin Console for check if you can access at all (don't start other service at this time) ... if OK, you pass the no going back point
  10. If last step is OK you can upgrade other server in 12.5
  11. Start all EV services and check that you can open archive mail
  12. go back to point 1 for install 12.5.3


Regarding OWA, with Exchange 2016 you just need to upgrade Office Mail App with a PowerShell command on Exchange server

Regarding Outlook Addins, it's not mandatory to upgrade it at the same time, you can upgrade it before or after upgrade of EV server without issue




Hi Antoine

Thanks for your reply, sorry for the lateness, I didn't see it earlier. Can you clarify what step 6 is as I haven't read about this part. With the DB upgrade, I thought you have to upgrade all servers to new base first before you run the DB command?

I managed to get around to upgrading my dev environment the other day and these are my revised steps:

Confirm SQL backup

Confirm server backups

Confirm AV off


Change Tasks:


SCOM and Tivoli maintenance


  1. Set Vault Stores to backup mode (with Prod, maybe disable update mode night before?)
  2. Stop all EV services and set to manual
  3. Check all MSMQ are empty
  4. Backup existing Enterprise Vault Folder to a new folder.  This will include webapp.ini and web.config.


12.5 Base install


  1. Upgrade each server
  2. ensure services are stopped
  3. Reboot server after each upgrade
  4. ensure services are stopped
  5. Check event logs


12.5 DB install


  1. ensure services are stopped
  2. upgrade SQL DB (from one server only)
  3. check DB upgrade log
  4. Check event logs


Do not upgrade to Enterprise Vault 12.5 and then immediately install Enterprise Vault 12.5.3. After you have upgraded to Enterprise Vault 12.5, use the PowerShell cmdlet Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade to upgrade all Enterprise Vault databases as described in the Enterprise Vault 12.5 Upgrade Instructions, and then install Enterprise Vault 12.5.3.


12.5.3 MR install


  1. ensure services are stopped
  2. 12.5.3 install
  3. Repeat on all servers till all are at 12.5.3



12.5.3 DB install


  1. ensure services are stopped
  2. sql db 12.5.3 update (from one server only)
  3. check DB upgrade log
  4. Check event logs
  5. Start EV Admin and EV Directory services
  6. Check event logs
  7. reboot servers


Final steps


  1. check event logs
  2. start all EV services and set to Automatic start
  3. check event logs
  4. Set stores to update mode


Post check on client


Like you stated in step 2 though, I might do the reboot at the start to ensure a cleaner upgrade. Also with the checking with EV Admin and Directory services, so this can be started at any point to check it's ok, I don't have to wait till the very end?

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Hello Charlie,

Step 6 (copy msg files) is only necessary if you have customized the shortcut content text. Some companies change the shortcut-text, to (for instance) include a link to a help, or the number of the supportdesk. If you have not changed these, you don't need to back them up. If you have changed them, and you don't backup, they'll be overwritten by the install of 12.5

As for your question related to upgrading 1 server first:

History: up to EV10, you needed to upgrade each server, and first upgrade the directory database (by starting the directory service). Then on each server, you would start the storage service, to upgrade the vault store databases (and the fingerprint ones).

EVDatabaseUpgrader upgrades EACH database from 1 server. Why do this on 1 server? You do the preparations, shut down all services, set admin service to disabled. Upgrade 1 server to 12.5, runevdatabaseupgrader. If this completes succesfully, you can then install 12.5 on the other servers.

If it fails (which is unlikely, but you never know), you only need to restore the databases, reinstall your 11 version ON THIS 1 SERVER, and you are back in business.

If it succeeds, BACKUP the Databases, and if you are confident, you can then perform the install of 12.5.3 on this 1 server, run evdatabaseupgrader, then install 12.5.3 on the other servers.

In short:

Stop EV.

BACKUP databases

Install 12.5 on 1 server, upgrade databases.

BACKUP databases

Install 12.5.3 on this 1 server, upgrade databases

BACKUP databases.

install 12.5 on other servers, then install 12.5.3

Regards. Gertjan

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Also with the checking with EV Admin and Directory services, so this can be started at any point to check it's ok, I don't have to wait till the very end?

and as for your last question, wait until the databaseupgrade confirms it is finished successfully before starting admin/directory on other servers!

As I described earlier, if you do the upgrade on/from 1 server, if you start services on other servers before they are on the same level as the first, strange things will happen :)

Don't forget Discovery Accelerator/Compliance Accelerator if you have these. Do these before you do EV.


Regards. Gertjan

Thanks Gertjan for the clarifications. We don't use DA/CA so I don't have to worry about these ones.

Ok, so long as I don't start services on any of the other servers, then I can upgrade all the way through on the 1 server and when this is completed successfully, I just need to install 12.5 base and 12.5 MR on the remaining servers.

If 2 servers are the task/storage servers and the other 2 are only indexing servers, does this matter? Or can I still follow the process you've outlined?

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Hi Charlie,

You can follow the process as outlined. 

Indeed, upgrade 1 server full, then on the other 3, install 12.5, then 12.5.3

You can install the latest MR , as that incorporates the previous MR's also.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks again.

In the event (hopefully NOT) I need to restore the sql DB, do I need to restore ALL the databases?

(EVAudit, EVDirectory, EVMonitoring, EVStore01, EVStore02, EVStore03, EVStore04, EV..etc)

Or is it only 1 db I need to restore?



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Hi Charles,

The best option is to restore all databases, so they are all on the same level. It depends on where the failure occurrs. If it is during Directory DB upgrade, you might get away with restoring the Directory, Audit and Monitoring DB. I personally would always restore all DB's.

If you have your SQL configured as High Available, and use mirroring, break the mirror before upgrading. Otherwise it might not work.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks for the feedback, I've put in my change for 2 weeks time so fingers crossed all goes well.