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Found an interesting thing - pending messages

Level 6
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Hey folks,
I thought I'd update the group on a solution for a strange problem I encountered while doing an EV6.0sp1 demo. The customer was experiencing a problem wherein the test user could manually mark email items for archving, and it would enter a pending state...yet the shortcuts would never be pushed down, even though the mail was on the server.
Now, I know what you're thinking, safety copy. And indeed I thought this was the problem too (and It sorta was). So we changed the vault safety copy to "delete after archive" and still no joy. Setting the archive bit joy.
Finally I decided to check everything from top to bottom, and finally hit upon the actual problem. Turns out that the exchange mailbox for the vault service user had "()"'s in it. Don't ask me, I didn't set that one up. Removed the "()'s" from the mailbox name and aliases, edited the services to point to the new mailbox name, restarted the services...and boom, joy is achieved.
I thought I'd post it since I didn't see a problem like this in the forum beforehand, and it didn't seem like an intuitive fix.

Level 6
Partner Accredited
I found my answer in the exchange mailbox properties....posting this as a followup to let others learn from my mistakes. :)


Level 4
Thanks for the report.