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Getting blank pages when using Search Vaults Button on Outlook 2003, emails open with blank pages.

Level 3

I am getting blank pages in Outlook 2003 SP2 when I use the Search Vaults button. I click on the Search Vaults button, it opens up normal. I do a search of emails and it returns a normal search with all the emails it found. I then click on the email it opens and nothing is displayed in the body. It is completely blank. I then search that same email using the web search function, it comes up with that same email, I click on it and it opens up fine. I can see all the content in the body. The first method is opening the email in a text format. The second method (web search) displays the message in HTML. This happens for one user only so far. I have re-created a new mail profile on the Vault server, and I get the same issue. I then gave myself permissions to his Vault, open some of my emails using the same method above, they open fine. I then try opening the user’s archives, blank pages! Any ideas? Thanks.


Level 6
What version of EV are we talking about here?
Are there any errors on Restore02K.asp in the IIS logs?
Does the Vault Service account have full control of the shopping server location?

Level 3
We are using Enterprise Vault 7.0 SP1 and the user in question here is using Vault client 7 SP1 as well. He is the only user  that is having this issue. I have checked the IIS logs and do not have any messages or errors. The Vault Service account has full rights to everything. We have double checked just to make sure we did not miss anything. The user is using Outlook 2007 and not Outlook 2003. I apologize if I said 2003. He is using this on Vista. Just so you know, we have many other users with this same configuration and they are not having this issue. This problem follows the user from PC to PC.I did make sure to check the users outlook settings, computer settings, Vault account. Thanks for your help.

Level 4

The search function within outlook client is not displaying anything. Whne we click on Search Vault within the client we get there are no items to show i this view.

we can however browse to the search page from a web browser...https;//vaultsrv1/enterprisevault/searcho2k.asp

Please advise ASAP for a fix


Level 6
Did you try clearing the IE cache on the client machine?
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