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Getting warning 29072/29022 The Item failed to be archived as a message item

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Anyone seen this warning during SMTP journal archiving and found a fix for it. EV12

I get event 29072 and 29022 at random times. 


The item failed to br archived as a message item, it will be archived as a file item instead.

Search functionality for the item wil lbe reduced as message specific properties, includiing recipient information will not be indexed.



A message envelope was not processed because it appears to have invalid content. The item will be treated as a non-enveloped message.





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Hi Jimmy,

Do you have information in that entry to allow you to find the item back in the archive? Can you then asses what sort of item it is? If the items archives properly, but is not (or partly) indexed, it might be good to involve support, so they can have dev look at this. If it is a legit item, it might be some of the converters/outside/in modules is having an issue.

Regards. Gertjan

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 Hi GertjanA,

I pulled a few items as they was archived and I can open the eml and it does not contain anything out of the ordinary. I also checked the message headers and do not see anything there either. 


I am concerned that these messages will not be indexed and will not be hit during EV DA searches.


Hi Jimmy

Yes been seeing the same myself and have the same concerns as you. I'm just trying to glean any info from a DTrace. I see a lot of entries like

{CSavesetOnIStg::OpenSubStg} (Exit) Status: [%1 could not be found.  (0x80030002) (anticipated err may not indicate an issue)] which might be a furphy. Other entries like

{EnvelopeJournalMessageWrapper<struct CDOSYS::IMessage>::ExtractSenderRecipientDataFromJournalReport:#201} An error occurred [0x80004005] might give more of a clue but still trying to analyse.

Might be a support call to veritas me thinks.



Check if the email address contains an apostrophe.