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HDD Provisioning

Level 3


Im about to implement Enterprise Vault in our organization.

May i know which will grow in the long run?  Is it the SQL databases or the Vault Store?

Assuming i have 50 mailboxes to archive, how large should my hdd be?

Your inputs will be very appreciated.




Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Hi Major growth is Vault Store. HDD size depends on your messaging volume. If your typical User receives 1 GB Mail volume per year, and you calculate by the next 5 years, you would need 50*1*5 = 250 GB Vault Store (and depending on your index settings another 20-50 GB for Indexing) I highly suggest that you do not implement EV on your own, but let an experienced partner do it. There are many traps you can fall trough, and you won't have joy with it in the long run ;) Cheers Michel

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 3

thanks Michel...but dont have much choice here.  even had a hard time buying evault.  :)


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Employee Accredited Certified

Michel gave good advice. You should get a Symantec partner that specializes in Enterprise Vault to help you plan the sizing of your environment and also help you with the deployment and knowledge transfer.


EV is very nice but there are many tweaks to the system to get it to perform cleanly. Also any PST migrations you plan on doing will require knowledgeable hands on experience so pay for the extra services it will make your deployment much better for you and your users