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Help required errors related to backup in Enterprise Vault

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I have got below error in enterprise vault.

Error: There are 1624929 sacesets that have not yet been back up or replicated for Vault Store.

Verified the DB backup status under Vault stroage groups and got below results.


Verified with backup team, they said last night backup on this server was successfull.

We are using veeam backup tool to take the backip of entire VM.

Any help is appreciated.






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Hello Anka, this is basic stuff, but almost everybody runs into this.

Backup in regards of the Vault Stores. What are the settings on your Vault Store Partition in regards to BAckup? Archive Attribute or Trigegrfile? You also need to know:

Does the backup software clear the Archive Attribute from the stored files?

If it does, do you set and clear backup mode on the stores, and is the setting on the VSP archive attribute? If not, set backup mode, clear backup mode, and check the count a bit later. It should have dropped.

If the backup software does not clear the Archive attribute, select in VSP 'triggerfile'. Create a txt file in the root of the partition, called IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.txt

Clear backup mode. txt file will be renamed to .old. Any item with date/time of txt file will be considered backed up, and count should drop. you need to create that txt file every time before backup mode is cleared. Create, do not copy.


set backup mode

Set backup mode. Put a

Regards. Gertjan

Hi GertjanA, Thank you for your reply. I have verified the settings, is is set to use the achieve attribute. This alert is triggering from last 2 days. can you help me how to get rid of these alerts. Thanks Anka

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Hello Anka,

Main question: Does the backup software clear the Archive Attribute from the stored files

On the Vault Store Partiton, note what the actual location is. Browse to that location (using Windows Explorer). Right click an item which should have been backed up, look at the properties. You should at the bottom of the properties see no checkmark in Archive, also look at Details tab, line Attributes. That should not have an A listed.

If you started using a new partition, is it included in the backup? Does the backup succeed? Is it configured to clear the archive attribute? Are the other Vault Store PArtitions configured the same? Do they show archive attribute?

If you want to 'test' it is indeed the arcvhive attribute not being cleared:

set backup mode on the vault store. run backup. clear backup mode. You should see storagefilewatch process in taskmanager. After a bit, alert should be gone. If it is not, then set backup mode again, open command prompt (as admin), make sure you can access the share from prompt. browse into a folder you know has recent items. run attrib -a *.* Clear backup mode.

Verify items go down. If the last one proves to work,then you need to check your backup settings, as then the archive attribute is not cleared.

Regards. Gertjan